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The team "die Freiwilligen" is here to support volunteering in Unionhilfswerk.

Volunteering in Unionhilfswerk means helping people. You will not get paid for it, but there are still many benefits for you such as feeling good and meaningful, meeting interesting people, hearing many personal stories, learning new skills, discovering different perspectives, having fun, etc.

Unionhilfswerk has been active for over 75 years in Berlin, helping people who need support. We pay attention to what people can do, what they need and what they want. This is how we design support that helps them to stand on their own feet – no matter whether they are young or old.

Our network is made up of a corporate foundation, an association and eight non-profit companies. Together, we offer many different opportunities to get involved and volunteer with us. Our goal is to make volunteering and community involvement as diverse as possible.

Unionhilfswerk was founded in 1947 by people who were socially committed. They set up an aid program to help Berliners in need of food, accommodation and work. Today we are still here for those who need care and support.

Types of volunteering possible with us - die freiwilligen im Unionhilfswerk:

  • One-time activities.
  • Regular commitment.
  • Help onsite. This is possible in all Berlin districts.
  • Help from home, digitally.

Together we will find what suits you best. You decide if you only have time every now and then or if you want to participate more often. Giving your time is really valuable.

We have set ourselves big goals: We want to help people make their lives better by supporting them to do something themselves. From our early days until today, volunteering has been an important part of our work at Unionhilfswerk.

When you volunteer with us, you help disadvantaged people – no matter how young or old – to participate in life. You give them support and, above all, joy. And you know, that’s not only great for them, but also for you. You get to know lots of people; you can develop personally and that also helps you in your professional future. We have over 130 projects in Berlin and are represented in all districts. So there is definitely something near you!

You can volunteer with and for the following groups of people:

  • Children and young adults from families, who are having a hard time
  • People who have fled difficult situations
  • People with disabilities
  • People with special needs
  • The elderly
  • People who are at the end of their lives
  • Refugees
  • People without a home.

But we are also looking for volunteers to support us with organizational work and help us out in the office, or to write, take photos and support us with social media. In Unionhilfswerk we have 3,000 employees in Berlin, plus 900 volunteers. There are many opportunities for you volunteers to get involved with us!

This is what you get from us when you volunteer:

  • You have a fixed contact person who helps you with problems.
  • You get to know other people.
  • For example, you get to know other languages or another culture.
  • You get joy and gratitude back.
  • You get money for your trips.
  • You can take part in seminars on different skills needed when volunteering. The seminars are free of charge. Currently only in German language.
  • You get a certificate for it.

So, let's do something good together and make life a little better for everyone!

Get in touch!

You can contact us via:

E-Mail: freiwillig@unionhilfswerk.de

Telephone: +49 30 / 4  22 65- 798

We are happy to give you more information about volunteering with us. You can make an appointment online for a consultation to find the right volunteering for you.

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The address of our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg is:

Schwiebusser Straße 18
10965 Berlin


You can reach our office with the subway U6, stop „Platz der Luftbrücke“.

You can also take the bus M43 till „Columbiadamm/ Platz der Luftbrücke“ or the bus 248 till „Platz der Luftbrücke“.

We are just a couple of minutes away on foot.

We are looking forward to meeting you!